Pre-Construction Lots and Sizes

Orchid Points sits on 70 acres. All pre-construction lots have already been segregated and are over 5,000 square meters (approx. 1¼ acres) and have water and electricity to the lot border.

Some are on the ridgeline with views over both Santiago de Puriscal and the Central Valley. Others have a panoramic view of the Central Valley and the mountains beyond. 

Please contact Orchid Point Estates for more information on the development and the location map with the size of each lot. 

Costa Rica Land Development Advantages

One way real estate developers make money is by acquiring land, developing it into a residential area, and then selling the individual lots to homebuilders.

It takes a special kind of person to see potential in a space and be able to visualize what it could become.

A successful developer must be able to spot trends, understand what people want, and see beyond the current state of a property. 

They need to have the vision to see how a space could be used in new and innovative ways. This is what the Orchid Point Development in Costa Rica is all about.

It is seeing a potential rise in the number of people wanting to live close but outside the capital of San Jose so they are able to provide a more sustainable lifestyle and building a tiny house community.

Real estate developers who purchase pre construction land in Costa Rica and who are able to predict trends and visualize a property’s best use can be very successful in making money from the project..


The Benefits of Pre-Construction

Pre-construction offers many benefits to both the clients and contractors.

The top benefits of pre-construction include:.

Removal of many unknown variables for the client
Opportunity to present potential options for cost savings
Provide a clear picture of what the project will look like
Ensuring any issues are taken care of
The completion date for the work can be assessed
Assist with Realistic expectations to avoid issues while the project is underway